CliniMix® Progressive Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Today’s healthcare market is changing faster than ever before. New government initiatives, new guideline and regulations, and increased public awareness about issues such as MRSA and legionella, demand higher and higher levels of performance from healthcare professionals and the equipment they rely on.



Features Overview


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Infection Control


The CliniMix® Progressive Mixer thermostat enables water to be mixed closer to the point of discharge. The ‘dead leg’ of cold water is eliminated and the volume of mixed water is reduced, minimising warm water which provides the ideal condition for legionella bacteria to grow.  

The CliniMix® Progressive Mixer has completely smooth internal components and body, limiting bacterial development*. This combined with the unique design of the angled spout and hygienic flow straightener ensures bacteria harbouring water drains through to reduce the build up of scale.


Scald Protection

At the point of water discharge there is a tendency for the body to become hot during prolonged use and flow. The body of each CliniMix® Wall Progressive Mixer is specifically designed with an insulated internal fitting that keep its exterior cooler to the touch. 

All our CliniMix® thermostatic mixing valves are fitted with a maximum temperature limiter whereby the user cannot override the set temperature (by an authorised person). As a result there is no risk of accidental scalding


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Easy to use

The long lever sequential control handle is designed to encourage use by being easily accessed and reached and the sequential lever provides more precise control of flow and temperature. Isolation valves are easily accessed at the point of use and all servicing and commissioning can be done without removing the device, which helps minimise the time of commissioning and maintenance. Water flow starts from cold ensuring easy and safe usage.


CliniMix® Progressive Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Products that use our CliniMix® Technology

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CliniMix® Hob Mounted Progressive Lever Basin Thermostatic Mixer



CliniMix® Wall Mounted Progressive Lever Basin Thermostatic Mixer.

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CliniMix® Lever Progressive Thermostatic Inwall Shower Mixer.



CliniMix® Wall Mounted Progressive Thermostatic Mixer with Proximity Sensor



CliniMix®Progressive Thermostatic Inwall Shower Mixer with GalvinCare Handle